Fall Guys

One of the latest gaming crazes is the game Fall Guys. With over 1.5 million people getting the game within the first week, it really shows how impressive this game is. What is more impressive is how simplistic the overall game concept is.

This game feels like a battle royal game had a weird nugget baby with Mario Party and ended up being the favorite in the family. Starting off with 60 players, up to 6 rounds will be played to determine a sole winner. This sole winner will end up taking the crown. Not a bad game idea to be honest.

The different stages are pretty fun and interesting. However, this game will quickly need more stages to keep players coming back. This has been addressed with their season 2 update that is planned to come out soon. Each stage is quite interesting and challenging. Sometimes you can feel as if you have managed to master the course, while the next it seams as if you just flat out suck.

There is two big negative’s to this game in general, not necessarily with game play but other aspects of the game in whole. First is that the crowns you win are part of the in game currency to unlock new character designs. Crowns are only one part of currency in the game. The second negative aspect is the lack of any leader boards or statistics.

Crowns (wins) as currency is a not a great idea. Not everyone is going to be able to get wins very often, thus making it much harder for players to be able to get said items. Secondly this takes away from what seams the only tally showing the amount of wins you have achieved. Finally, having multiple “currency” options in the game just seams off. If you want something to be more “rewarding” or “difficult” to achieve, just make the item that much more expensive with the main currency.

As for statistics and leader boards, if the game cant let me see how i rank against others it is a general downfall; This is statistically true for almost any game. Having the ability to see my success rate for x level, share it with my friends, and more would give so much more to this game.

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