Apple Watch OS7, Series 6 and Watch SE

Watch OS 7 will be adding sleep modes, determine how you wash your hands, and checking your blood O2 levels. Apple is continuing to improve the health and fitness aspects of this incredible device. The more ways to help keep you healthy, keep you active, keep you going.

Along with Watch OS 7, they are releasing a new Apple Watch series 6. They will also be coming out in new colors including the Apple Red for the first time for their watch series. Apple Watch will be 2.5x brighter during sunny days. The new watch will allow you to check information with altitude as well. Starting at $379.

They are also releasing an Apple Watch SE to be more affordable. They will be in regular and cellular as well. Apple Pay will now allow you to purchase an Apple Watch with Apple Card over 24 months.

Apple Watch is including a few more watch faces. Improving and providing more features directly to the first screen you see on your watch. They also allowed developers to make more customized watch faces.

On top of the new watch OS, features, and series 6 Apple Watch, they are working on adding new studies to help improve these health monitors to learn more. They want to determine if they can detect more health issues from all of the data they collect.

Apple watch is now adding Family Setup – which allows you to add apple watches to a single iPhone. This will be helpful for adding a watch for a child who does not have a phone. You can customize who they can contact from the watch. There is a feature to get the location of the watch as well, helping bring a sense of security and safety. They added do not disturb for the kids as well. This feature is one myself and others have wanted for a long time.

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